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Light Up Your Love Life with Our Natural Candles for Valentines Day ♡

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and you might be on the hunt for a perfect gift to make your beloved feel special. This year, consider gifting a beautiful, all-natural, hand-poured coconut wax candle. Not only do these candles fill the room with a warm glow, they also create a relaxing atmosphere with their lovely aroma. We offer a variety of scents, perfectly curated for a romantic Valentine’s Day ambiance.

Rose Petals: This beautiful rose fragrance embodies the scent of an entire rose from petal to stem, bended with a touch grapefruit, basil & thyme and the slightest bit of patchouli to evoke a sense of greenery and earthiness.

Fresh Cut Gardenia: Inhale the delightful essence of beautiful, vibrant gardenia flowers. This enchanting aroma begins with an uplifting blend of gardenia and leads to a blossoming heart of tuberose, jasmine and lush green florals finished with just a touch of powder.

White Tea: Immerse yourself in this captivating fragrance. Opening with a tranquil blend of mandarin and lemongrass, it's aroma is intensified with middle notes of bergamot and fresh ginger, resting upon a base of white tea and blossoming jasmine flowers. Perfect for

creating a soothing and ethereal atmosphere.

Amber Noir: Top notes of fruit plum and citrus create an enchanting and alluring aroma, while the heart of this fragrance contains a captivating blend of sultry amber, cedarwood and sandalwood. A slight touch of musk and amyris add a sensual touch.

What Sets Our Natural Coconut Wax Candles Apart?

Imagine giving a gift that not only ignites a romantic atmosphere but also supports our planet's wellbeing. Our coconut wax candles embody these qualities, standing out in the crowded world of candle-making. Unlike their counterparts made from paraffin or soy, coconut wax candles burn cleaner, producing minimal soot. This eco-friendly feature supports cleaner indoor air quality. But that's not all, coconut wax also boasts a higher melting point. This unique characteristic means these candles burn at a slower rate, providing you with a longer-lasting aromatic experience. In addition, we use lab verified clean fragrances to ensure there are no carcinogens, toxins, chemicals, etc. Another clean burning feature of our candles are our cotton wicks. Some candle makers use wicks that contain zinc, lead and/or other harmful materials. You don't have to worry about that with our products. Coconut wax is renowned for its exceptional scent throw. It has the capability of diffusing strong scents, whether the candle is lit or not, making it an excellent fragrance carrier. This means the tantalizing aroma you choose will waft through your space, creating an enticing and lasting fragrance. In short, choosing a coconut wax candle means opting for a high-quality, clean-burning, and long-lasting aromatic experience. It's the perfect way to share an unforgettable, intimate evening with your loved one, surrounded by a beautiful scent that captures the essence of your affection. This Valentine's Day, let the soft glow and captivating scent of a coconut wax candle elevate your romantic celebration.

Preparing for a Valentine's Day Full of Love and Light

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, you may be planning a romantic evening at home with your loved one. Adding our all-natural coconut wax candles to your special night can set the stage for an unforgettable celebration of love. Start by choosing the perfect spot for your candle. It could be the dining table set for a romantic dinner or the coffee table in your cozy living room, ready for a night of movies and cuddles. Before your sweetheart arrives, ensure the chosen area is clean, inviting, and free from any fire hazards, and get that bottle of bubbly or red wine ready for pouring! Light the candle a a little bit ahead of time to allow its captivating fragrance to fill the room. Our candles soft, enchanting light and alluring aroma will setting an intimate mood for your Valentine's Day celebration. The combination of the gentle flickering flame and the lovely scent will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your evening. Enjoy!



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