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This unscented coconut wax candle contains cotton wicks and burns clean for about 45 hours.


No Fragrance: Unscented candles don't give off any scent when they burn. This makes them perfect for places where you want the cozy glow of a candle without the fragrance.

Versatile: You can use unscented candles anywhere without worrying about them clashing with other scents or décor. They're great for dining areas and any space where you want a warm atmosphere without adding more smells to the mix.

Focus on Ambiance: Sometimes, you just want the soft, flickering light of a candle without any extra scent. Unscented candles create a beautiful ambiance that's all about the gentle glow and the calming effect of candlelight.

Special Occasions: For events like weddings or formal gatherings, unscented candles are often chosen so the focus stays on the occasion without any distracting scents.

In short, whether you're looking to avoid fragrances, create a versatile ambiance, or simply enjoy the pure beauty of candlelight, unscented candles may be a fantastic choice for you!

All natural coconut wax and cotton wicks.

240 g

45 hour burn time


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